Hello everyone,

This is a note to let you all know about our upcoming benefit dance that will be held in Limerick. I also wanted to update you on our progress and what has been going on with The JD Foundation.
As you all probably know the foundation has grown and wants to take off. We are working hard to allow that to happen. In two years we have done 9 suicide awareness trainings, 14 speeches and along with those speeches, have talked to over 300 people about suicide and The JD Foundation, we have started 4 new programs including "Connecting With Spirit" which has done 12 walks,hikes, or snowshoe walks. Each one has had between 3 and 40 people on them and ages ranged from 2-87. Wow!!!! We are doing great...Vic is the director of this program and has a ton of knowledge with nature and its healing energy.
P.S. We Care provides prayer shawls to people who have lost loved ones to suicide and is sent with a prayer and a personal note just to let them know they are not alone. Keeping Our Communities Warm project started in November and went very well. We estimate that we served 40 families in the area that were able to receive warm clothing and bedding for either a donation or a smile, which ever they were comfortable with.
I will be doing training in the month of February with Maine Youth Suicide Prevention Program and will start working diligently with schools all over the state to help raise awareness with both adults and youth. Vic will also be training so he can be a back up should I be unable to follow through with a scheduled training.
As all of you know, these can't continue without money. And so far we have managed to raise monies through a major yard sale that you all have donated items to, along with a couple of other benefits through the year. We have to start having larger benefits and work on our board members this year, along with our volunteer members, and business plans. This is a great undertaken for Vic and I and I am happy to announce that we have hired a consultant who knows all of the ins and outs of a non-profit.
So, I hope we have all of your support through all of this. Suicide is something that can happen in any family and we are working hard to raise awarenss.
Come to the Valentine's Dance/Friends Night Out on February 12th at The Sokokis Hall on Foss Road in Limerick. The time is 7:30-11:30. The band is Big John and Twins and they are just incredible. We will have all sorts of raffles, a 50/50, and of course food....It is a BYOB....but we will supply cups, ice and coffee. Tickets are 15.00 or 2/25.00. Not bad for what you are getting. You do not need to be a couple. You can just be you, who ever that might be!!!)
For more information, please call me at 876-2295 or 343-1732.

Thanks for all you do & thanks for all of your support

Cheryl & Vic
The JD Foundation