Hi fellow geocachers from Maine,

I posted this idea on the Groundspeak Idea Forum more the one year ago and even if they got a lot of votes, the idea is still not implemented.

So last weekend I decided to send the idea to a Greasemonkey Script Programmer who wrote the script in a few hours.

We both tested the very first version 0.0.1 and now the version 0.0.2 looks OK.

Geocache hiders, let me show you the new look of the Coordinates Box.

Coordinates Box without the script:

Coordinates Box using the script:

All you have to do is paste the coordinates into the unique field and clicks on "Fill".
Coordinates are then automatically entered into the 6 usual fields.

No more frustration and input errors.

To install this script:

1. You need a recent browser like Firefox.

2. If you don't have it already, install the Greasemonkey Add-on (here, the link is for the Firefox version of Greasemonkey).

3. And finally, install the script GC Easy Coordinate Entry.

Currently, the script version is only v0.0.2 but already functional.

The same script works also in the additional waypoint webpage.

Thank you very much to JRI for this great script!