I would like to find some cachers who is interested in adopting my caches. These caches really mean a lot to me, and want to make sure they are taken care of. I would ask that the caches maintain my name as original owner and then you can type in "Adopted by...." after.

The caches are:

Streaming Audio - Maine Rose Series (Hampden)
Meadow Falls - Maine Rose Series (Hampden)
Quarry Rocks (Frankfort)
101 DALMATIANS #66 (DAMIEN) (Northport - Lincolnville)
Five~O - Maine Rose Series (Hermon)
Cache Maine Vending Machine (Mile 174 Rest Area Southbound)
B52 CRASH STASH Millinocket
Tribute to Maine Cachers (Hampden)

The three Maine Rose Series caches are being offered to Hollora or Becket first, as they are the other two that helped with that series. If they are not interested in adopting them, I will offer them to others.

The B52 Crash Site one is my favorite. It's not easy to let this one go, but it's time for a new owner. I would like someone to adopt this one that likes aviation history.

The Tribute to Maine Cachers was originally an EGSG cache. I would like it to continue in his honor. I would give preference to someone that knows EGSG.

There is a story about the 101 Cache that I will happily share with the new owner.

Quarry Rocks is another of my favorites, because of the story that goes along with it.

So, I guess that's it. Please contact me if you are interested in adopting one of these gems. I would like to choose, and finalize adoptions asap.

Thanks in advance, and happy caching!