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Thread: 2005 geocachingmaine.org coin #0001

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    As I remember, Haffy won the coin and gave it back to Cameo, something like "you kicked off the coin thing, you should hold onto this coin" or something like that.

    We haven't heard from Barry on this, but the other three people that you mentioned all seem to like the DeLorme's suggestion. Sounds like a consensus here...

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    I guess the point of this thread has changed a little....

    I thought I was the one that had the privilege to make the choice and I was looking for ideas. I was not looking for a consensus....I was not looking for anyone to claim ownership...all I wanted was to find a suitable home for a great coin.

    Now it seems like that is all up in the air...

    Several people have suggested to me that I should just keep it....maybe they are right.

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    I say you are the current holder, take your time and think it over. Until you decide, it's in good hands.

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    Yes, I remember he gave it to the site/group. If I remember correctly, the reason he gave it to you was because you were the coin queen at the time and you also created a Geocaching Maine the book that you were brining to all the events.
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    Default Decision is made...

    Time to muddy the waters some more!

    As I see it after reviewing all the logs for the 2005 coin event, the coin actually belongs to Haffy. He won it fair and square, and I will send it to him. It will be up to him what is done with it. I will only send it to Haffy.

    Here is my log from the event:

    December 10, 2005 by Cache Maine (1154 found)

    What a great event. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. When I first brought up the "silly" idea last February, I never dreamed that the coin thing would be this big. I am the first to admit that a person can get really overwhelmed and wrapped up into the geocoin craze. Left the AHOY and Star Wars TB's, picked up the Maine Coin and the Juliette Gordon TB. On a more personal note, I'd like to recognize a few people for various reasons.

    Sudonim: You picked this up where I left off and ran full force with it. The coin as a result is incredible, truly remarkable and beautiful as well. I know full well about the sleepless nights, energy, time, and spirit you have given to make this a reality. The gold coin was a big surprise...Thank you.

    Tat: Thank you for helping when the coin process was rocky. You were the one that kept order and remained optimistic about the process and the fact that a Maine coin was "still a good idea."

    YOP: Thank you for the use of your picture for the back of the coin.

    Mainiac1957: The way caching should be...you had better believe it. Thank you.

    Haffy: Thank you for giving the #0001 coin to the group. It was very thoughtful and a gesture that won't soon be forgotten. I will keep it safe for all to enjoy. Everyone thanks you.

    Attroll: Thank you for maintaining our online presence so that we can discuss coins and everything else, and also for the use of the logo on the front of the coin.

    Wudeater & Wife, Beach Comber & Becket: My support staff since day one of the coin process. You three were there when I needed you and I truly appreciate it.

    Pedalchic: Thank you for being there for Sudonim when he needed somebody.

    Congratulations to T2H on their 300th find, to Haffy and YOP on their 500th finds...great day for milestones. Congratulations also to the two who will be married soon. What great news!

    And to answer that ever famous question, "We have a coin?" Yes, we have a coin. Happy Holidays everyone...look forward to seeing you all on the snowy trail soon.

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