A Question for Rick……

And I ask this respectfully (its not intended to be confrontational)
Q: Why is it that the members do not also vote for the Moderator and the Administrators? The Panel

I know you own this Website, the Domaine and pay out of your own pocket the expenses that keep it running. Understandably you are probably very protective of this site and don’t want to give just anybody administrative privileges/access to the behind the scenes modules that none of us can see. But would it hurt to recycle this part of the “panel” once in a while too? When I refer to the “panel” I am referring to the Moderator/Administrators AND Board Members. It appears that their roles all overlap into eachothers assigned tasks. Are these the only people you really think can effectively moderate, block spammers and update front page content? Surely there are other trustworthy people on this site that have the skills to do that as well. Its not rocket science.

I tried to find the history of who has served as administrators and moderators on the site since the birth of the forum and I couldn’t find anything which leads me to believe it’s always been the same people.
I find it hard to believe that these are the only three members on this forum that you trust. If that’s the case..…it is very sad and I think you are putting all your eggs in one basket. If its not the case then why not replace the whole entire panel this year? Why not just clean house and start fresh? Isn’t it time? Can it get any worse? As a result I’ll bet you would have a lot more donating members and the site would pay for itself. I’m sure its not about the money for you but is change such a bad thing?
Again I am not trying to be confrontational. I am asking a legitimate question because I am curious as to why the members don’t vote for the Moderator and Administrators too or why you won’t swap these people out yourself every couple years.