(This may be the wrong place to post this, if so, go ahead and move it to the appropriate category).

I had a computer hard drive crash back in April and lost a bunch of program, and I'm finally getting around to getting some of the lesser used programs back onto my computer (that, and we got a new computer, a six-core processor, man does this thing work like a charm).

I was using a program that would take .gpx files generated by GSAK and would put them on a map to look at. Mostly, we can do this on Google maps on GC.com, but I was including archived caches in the generated files (which, of course, we can't look at on GC.com).

I think it was Mapsource, but I'm not entirely sure. I went to the Garmin site and Mapsource is over $100, and I know I didn't pay anything like that.

Can anyone help me on this one?

Thanks much.