I am placing this in a new thread so no one will feel I am pointing a finger at them.

I am really trying to understand why some members come on and feel the need to call people out. And if you feel this is me calling some one out I am not. Why do you come on here if you don't like the site. The ratio of angry heated crap to actual talk about geocaching has to be very lopsided as of late. And not to the side of caching. I have met most everyone that comes on here to post, and for the most part we are all nice people. Yet we sit behind these keyboards and we forget that our friends are on the other end of the wire.

It is not someones God given right to be on this website. That's why Bruce takes his free time to weed out the spammers. That's why I do my small part when I volunteered to keep the events on the front page up to date. If someone want's that job, go for it... I do it because I enjoy it. We have heard from Rick that this isn't HIS website, but OURS. For the history of this site it has always been difficult to come to a consensus on any subject. That is why an advisory board was needed. I have known Rick for 7 years. He is not a confrontational person, and it takes a lot to get him riled up. So I guess I just feel bad for all the controversy going on right now. Sometimes conversations should just remain private between two people.

I know of more than a few cachers who just don't come on here because of all the anger. I can't even recommend the site to new cachers right now for fear that they will be turned off from the sport/ activity. Now these are my opinions. I am not looking to pick any fights. As I said I can get along with most everyone. If you disagree with my then that is your rite.