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    I originally posted this in the Suggestion Box 2/10. It was moved to a private thread. I have asked to have it placed in a public spot so the issues raised can be addressed. It has not been. So, since I still do not know why it was deemed inappropriate I am reposting it.

    If that is deemed inappropriate, please allow this to be discussed openly.

    My original post.

    " Posts disappearing Earlier today I noticed a post that made the assertion that the Board makes no decisions. This is simply not true.

    I followed that post with a copy of the Board's announcement that it had determined that Chadd Roper was not eligible to serve on the Board and they were going to exclude his name from the list of candidates. Perhaps I am naive, but that seems like a decision to me.

    My post was cordial, not profane or offensive in my opinion.

    The post I respond to and my reply have been deleted. There has been no communication with me concerning the posting. I have not been advised why it was apparently deemed inappropriate.

    I did not make a copy of the post in question as I had no expectation that it would provoke such a response. I have learned, and I will keep a copy of this. I request that this matter be reviewed.

    My suggestion for the future is that when the moderators, board or whoever determine a post needs to be deleted that the poster be advised clearly why the action is being taken. This could avoid situations like this where I have no idea what was found so offensive that my post needed to be removed.

    What a more appropriate response might have been was for the poster who asserted that the Board takes no actions to admit he was incorrect and clarify the record.

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