Geocachers have proven, time and again, to be some of the nicest people - caring for the environment we geocache in and having a genuine concern for others around us. For the past three years we have had a team of Maine Geocachers at the Relay For Life event in Ellsworth and I'm hoping to do that again this June 3 and 4.

Relay For Life is the signature event for the American Cancer Society and it raises money for cancer research and direct programs for cancer patients. Do you know someone who has had cancer? I'll bet you do. A friend, relative, Chances are very high that you have been affected by cancer in some way. Individuals get people to donate toward their "walk", and those same individuals form teams and see how much money the entire team can raise. By contacting friends, relatives, coworkers, etc. $200 is fairly easy for one person to raise and if ten people form a team that's $2,000!

Teams arrive on Friday afternoon, camp out overnight at our own camp site next to the track, and the event ends Saturday morning at 10:00am. Opening ceremony is at 6:00pm, there is a cancer survivor/caregiver lap, and a very moving "luminaria ceremony" at 10:00pm during which we celebrate those who have beaten cancer and remember those who have died from this terrible disease. Team members take turns walking around the track and there are events happening all night. People dress up for "theme hours" (1950's, cowboys, funny hats, etc.). It's a very fun event to participate in.

The "Maine Geocachers" have been a very successful team in years past and it's a way to gather as a group and give hope to those you know who have had cancer. We talk about caching and explain to anyone/everyone there what geocaching is all about. Hundreds of people participate in the 2-day upbeat event to fight cancer.

If you'd like to join in with other Maine Geocachers, raise money to fight cancer, camp out, and walk the track you can go to: Click on "Join a Team" and look for Maine Geocachers. We'd love to have you!