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What a bunch of hypocrites. Everbody gets upset when chadd takes "cheap shots". Then they turn around and do the same thing to him. Practice what you preach and keep the negitive thoughts to yourself even if it is just a joke.
John, you hit that right on the head. That is part of what inflames Chadd about this site. Early on he was jumped on for comments that he saw others making often.

I agree that not all his comments were proper and he tended to get vulgar, but the hypocrisy you noted is what really set him off.

So going forward, perhaps the inside cliquish banter could be minimized and the threads could remain more focused. BRDAD has tried to address this is a recent comment, but he was slapped down by one of the chatterboxes.

I noticed years ago that whenever someone from the "outside" tried to comment on a thread it acted a thread killer. After a while you learn that it simply is not worth sorting through the banter looking for something of value.