Mainiac and I where caching this evenning and found our way to some very nice caches when we came upon Stone House Blues. What a great spot. the view was amazing and the cache was rather creative. I found with no trouble at all. Now I have some bitching to do. This is for the so called cacher who left to log saying what a great place to come and burn one. I also suspect that the same person also left the piece chewed bubble gum, the cigerettes and the half eaten skittles. I hope that this individual is someone that I don't know. That person is an embarrassment to the Geocaching community. As for the log it would have been better left unsigned than to trash it up with that. If the person was not an active cacher than the owner of the GPS was more than likely the cacher and should have known better than to let this happen.

I encourage disscussion on this. I wish the offender could be banished from such a close knit group of friends and from the face of the planet to burn a firey, painful, slow death!!!!!!!!!!.