Hi all, my son and I started caching last fall and quickly became hooked!
It's the best fun ever! (You already know that)
We've found 128 caches and have even placed 10.
At this point I would very much like to meet other cachers, and join a group closer to home, if there is one. I've been to a couple events, but I was wondering if there is a group that meets more in the Windham-to-Bridgton area.
I'm a teacher and would like to get more people into caching in this area.
My town (Sebago) even has a set of 7 GPSrs that I can borrow to teach newbies. I'd love to start a club around here, if there isn't one.
My son likes caching, but isn't always available to go when I'd like to. Since I want to cache, like, every day, I need some more caching buddies!