I am posting to see if someone can help me out with parking or transportation for a bike trip I am going on.

Sometime around the least two weeks of May, I am planning to bicycle from Windsor Locks, CT to Bar Harbor, ME. This trip should only be a two week trip. The dates are not written in stone yet.

I need to plan for my transportation once I end my trip in Bar Harbor. I will need to get back to Litchfield along with two bicycles.

I have a couple options that I can think of. If anyone else has any suggestions please feel free to let me know.

1. Park my truck somewhere in the vicinity of Bar Harbor area before I head to CT. If anyone knows of a place to park my truck for two weeks near here please let me know.
2. Find someone that can transport me and my biking partner from Bar Harbor back to Litchfield when we reach Bar Harbor.

I am open to ideas.