Report on "Thorne Head Challenge" GCGZHC put out by Ye Olde Prospector. I would highly recommend this cache as it is fun, gorgeous views out over the river, challenging and about a 2 mile walk. This report was left on the site page:

Another beautiful place in Maine preserved for public use. In two hours we only saw one other person, a runner with his dog. This place felt like a forest from before the US was settled. Excellent coordinates, hides and clues when we had to use them. I especially liked the winter hide for Stage 4 and laughed when we found it. Stages 5 and 6 were wet even though they were sealed well, condensation maybe? Will write Ye Olde. Great 2 mile walk in a beautiful place. Took compass whistle, left metal candle holder and marbles. Also found a geodetic marker at one of the stages. There was no white Jeep in this cache but in email with Ye Olde, he knows where it went.

TwoMaineiacs / Anne and Joe