Two weeks into office and the new board has been hard at work finishing up the details on some of the tasks the previous board was working on as well as starting some new projects of their own.

On the eighth of March Rick ordered a refill of the Geocaching Maine Pathtags. When delivered, they will be available for a new lower price of $2 each.

A new commercial forum has been created for the purpose of allowing vendors to sell their geocaching related merchandise to our members. The new Commercial Vendors forum is listed under the Buy & Sell category. Only approved vendors will be allowed to post to the forum and they will only be allowed two posts per month. This forum will be closely moderated. If any member knows of a vendor who might like to take advantage of this opportunity, please suggest it to them.

Some revisions have been made to the Advisory Board Eligibility and Terms to help further clarify those guidelines. This discussion is ongoing and will probably be refined more in the near future.

Also ongoing is a revision of the forums and forum categories to make the site's interface more user-friendly, as well as compiling a list of members available for public instruction and media presence.

With input from the board, Rick has also decided to officially incorporate Geocaching Maine as a non-profit. This will add more legitimacy to the site and prepare us to move forward and be available for other opportunities. Dan (Dubord207) is providing the necessary legal assistance in this project.

This thread will be closely moderated. Any off-topic posts will be removed.