I've run into something I've never experienced before...

We picked up a normal TB this weekend. I go to the "Trackables" page on GC.com, enter the number, and up pops the TB's page.

I click on the "Found it? Log It!" button, enter the relevant info, click on "Submit log entry", and get the following error: "This Trackable (Hobo Dude Geocoin) hasn't been activated." (Again, this is a regular TB - not a geocoin.) Sheesh???

I know the TB number has been activated because I used it to get to the TB page. And I know the number I'm entering to log it is correct (the same number), and I've even had RULost2? enter it a couple of times to make sure I wasn't having a dyslexic moment.

Am I missing something here? I had just finished logging 4 other TB's, so I know I wasn't doing something wrong procedurally. Any explanations?