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    How would GSAK look like if it was closed and nobody was allowed to make their own macros? Now compare it to now when it's closed and if was open. lets you place your own caches for free, lets you create your own caching software for free, lets you download (most) cache listings for free, lets you log your finds for free ... all as long as you stay within their TOU. GSAK and it's macros are limited to their TOU as well. There are some things you are not allowed to do with their product.

    Sure, it sounds great if companies could give their products and services for free. I wish I could go to Ford and pick up my new free SUV, stop buy Best Buy on the way home and pick up my new free 200" TV, stop and get a few caches with my free Trimble GPS, all while phoning a friend on my Free 50G Android holographic tablet with free unlimited service. And while I was gone, the free maid service would be cleaning my free house. And since everything is free, I can cache all day because I don't have to pay for anything!
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