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Did you know you come off kinda snarky at times?
I will endeavor to be more consistent with my snarkyness. It will be hard but with the help of Brdad I shall prevail. No offense taken. After getting blasted by Cano on occasion I can take anything.

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Hit up a breakfast event or any of the other events that are attended by the snarky one....You'll find that personalities may clash a lot online due to the lack of tone/ context in the written form but he's really a decent guy once you get past the appearance thing...
Your lies are quite evident to even the uninitiated.

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I totally agree and actually don't have any problems with Ekidokai. I was just kind of referring to his online forum writing style really. Even though I haven't met yet, I still think he's a nice guy. Heck, he was the first and only other cacher who has ever gone out of his way and contacted me. This was when i posted a DNF on one of his caches. He gave me a hint and then told me about the breakfast that was coming up (haven't made it to one yet, but I definitely will once they start up again). Ekidokai and most cachers i've talked to privately have been friendly and helpful.
Don't let my lack of courage or bluster in a one on one or face to face meeting discourage you. If I can't get something going in here or out in the cyber world then paying for a cable modem is a waste and it is all for not.

Most of the lies told about me are true.

And before anyone asks, yes Don Rickles and I are related.

My apologies.