In celebration of Easter, my family decided to put up a special temporary Cache in celebration of Easter. Every (first 225) Geocachers gets something. Weíve put together 225 Easter goodie bags with a little something for everyone of all ages.

The Cache is located just off the road at the end of a now defunct driveway. The home owners there have given permission, and wonít bother you if you donít bother them. Easy parking right in front of the Cache. The cache is categorized as large, but Iíd say itís huge. Itís very easy to find. You canít miss it. Really.

Inside the Cache is a log on top of a treasure chest. The treasure chest contains little goodie packets for EVERY person who comes. Each packet contains chocolate eggs (yes, real chocolate, we didnít cheap out), bubble gum, life savers, silly bands, erasers, COINS, and some pamphlets about Easter cheer. Please take a packet for EACH person on your team. We donít want to be stuck with leftovers.

If you would like to leave travel bugs for us to circulate for you, please feel free to do so. Please donít leave anything else since this cache is only temporary. If you want to pick up one of the travel bugs left behind and help circulate them, please feel free to do so.

Weíll probably be taking it in late at night so that the animals donít get to it, but weíll try to have it out around 7AM keep it out until 9 or 10PM. Weíll also try to have some lights out there, but bring a flashlight if you are coming when itís dark. The Cache will be out on the Saturday before Easter, and weíll leave it up for several weeks.

Our family really enjoyed putting this Cache together. We hope you and your family enjoys finding it and enjoys the treats as well. Happy Caching!

The posting should publish on Saturday. We'll actually have it completely up by mid-morning.