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Thread: First To Finds... Are they Still Cool?!?!

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    Someone posted how folks used to put an incentive in the cache for FTF. Well "I" for one shall put some token of value in any cache I set.. It only seems a reasonable "give back" for the enjoyment I've had... cut, bruised, chewed, tired, confused.... In fact there's a silver quarter in Kathys first cache as a FTF prize.
    Just my 2
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    When it comes to FTF today I did my first Earthcache, and it was a FTF to boot. left home at 0300 in the morning getting back at 1915 ( 7:15 PM ), drove 481.6 miles, bushwacked 1.67 miles roundtrip from the Jeep. All to say I did something 2cd ( Northwoods Explorer had to beet me to list it ) My geo-pooch may runn and hide next time I say lets go geocaching though. Oh brdad, you can remove Harrow Mountain Fault from you list of never found in almost 3 years. I would recomend this trip to any GROUP, I did it solo with cooch my geo-pooch and do not recomend it as a solo trip, but I am home and wtching to bruins in the finals so all turned out well. That is all I would do for a FTF to remember.

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    Very cool trip! Congrats!

    It will be automatically removed next time I run my macro, maybe I'll do it after i get this week's PQs...

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