Soo... I know it looks like I am an outsider being from the neighboring state of New Hampshire and all, but.... I was born and raised in Maine!! And my family still lives here, so I'm around often, in fact our first caches ever were right here in South China!! My boyfriend and I log online together under "strange179" but if i really like a cache, or i find it on my own then i also log under "The S-O" and all of the paper logs list both names! We sometimes cache with family, my parents are "n1tck" and my sister is "Makayla's mom".
This whole geocaching thing started with my bf and my dad going out 4th of July weekend 2010, they came back with "treasure" and convinced my mom and me to go out with them. My mom said we could stop and get icecream so I said sure I'm in. We ended up having a ton of fun and now have a bet going between the two couples to see who can get more. The first bet started July 4, 2010 and went until thanksgiving day. I must say my bf and I won!! and my parents paid up with a trip to the Longhorn and to see Tangled. The new bet started Thanksgiving 2010 and goes until noon on Thanksgiving 2011. It's a lot of fun and a lot of back and forth on whose winning!! We hope to be victorious once again.
So before this gets too long, I will just say hi!! and hope to meet some of you along the trails!!