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    Well, being the concerned cachers that we are,myself and Steve from TrezursRfun after seeing the conditon of the Railbridge cache GC# GCGTD6,we decided to take it upon ourselves to help this one out. The container apparently had leaked and everything in it was pretty much trashed. We cleaned and dried up the container and CITO'ed the rest. We replaced with a new logbook and added some other goodies to it. It looked like the owner hasn't logged in for a while, so we thought that was the most appropriate thing to do. It is a nice area but doesn't get much traffic.

    We also visited the Birdsacre cache in Ellsworth GC #GCGY6C and found that cache also in dire need of some attention. In this instance I emailed the owners who also havent been to the website in quite some time to inform them of the situation. I also emailed Gpsfun and he posted a log to the effect that he is giving them 10 days to respond to the maintenance issues or he will be requesting that it be adopted.

    This is a beautiful spot for a cache as some of you know who have visited it can attest and hate to see it be archived. If there is anyone in that area of the state who would be willing to adopt it after the 10 day time limit expires I'm sure other people to visit it would appreciate it.

    We hope that we took the appropiate measures and hope that other cachers who come across caches like these will do the same. Thanks
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    Default birdsacre

    i can adopt the birdsacre if you want, as i work in ellsworth and i'm there every day. please just let me know. also, i love the spot the railbridge one is at - & i know the owner. i think he's living in florida. i'm more hesitant to adopt that because of my fear of seeing a bear there. lol
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