Apologies Michal, I did overlook this. My time in the recreational dive industry dates back to when I was a career firefighter, over 27 years and continue in this industry now. First, I would discourage anyone from learning to dive JUST to go caching. Learning to dive has become much more consumer friendly but still requires a commitment of time and resources. However, it does open up a whole new world in many ways.

That said, As Dan mentioned, in Waterville there is Aqua City Scuba, a long time business who I now personally and competed with. The owner is an excellent instructor and business person. In Portland, there is Aqua Diving Academy who I also personally know and will provide professional customer service and instruction. These are the two that I personally know and can recommend.
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I believe he may have missed your post but contact pm28570 - he is very familiar with the answers to your question cano!