RULOST2? and I rcently returnefd from a 10-day caching trip to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Since I know some of you are going to the event on campobello this weekend, I wanted to comment on our border crossings.


We entered through Calais, normally one of the toughest places to cross, and returned through Woodstock/Houlton. On entering, we were asked the usual questions: how long you going to be in Canada, do yo have any alcohol/firearms/PEPPER SPRAY/MACE, etc. Didn't even ask us for any identificastion.

On the way back, we told them where we were from, that we were US Citizens, that's we'd bought a case of beer at the duty free, and they didn't even ask us for identification either.

So, bottom line, if you look like an American tourist, you'll probably be treated like an American tourist. Unless you have shifty eyes, like ATTROLL...

We're probably going to Quebec in a week or two, so we'll report on another border crossing when we get back.