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Let's not encourgage one word logs as unfortunately, that seems to be all that a lot of the new cachers can muster. Any newbies reading this, at a minimum show the manners your parents taught you and log a "thank you" to the person that placed the cache you sought out....it's the right thing to do. If you can't manage that, maybe you're in the wrong game because that's the easy and right thing to do!
I would have prefered a one word log, compared to the one I received yest that was posted on a cache that was not even 24 hours old. Totally blank! Tempted to delete the find, but waiting to hear what others think. I think next time I am near the cache site, I will check the log in the cache to see if it was signed. This is a brand new cacher with 32 finds and out of those, s/he has submitted 30 logs that were blank, one log that had no words but a picture, and the only written log said "Sorry, couldn't sign the log. I forgot my pen." I wrote what I considered to be a gentle note explaining that the logs are how I learn what works and what doesn't and that they bring me a lot of joy to read. Have not heard back yet. Thanks to all that have made the trip down to find my cache series. I really really do appreciate the long logs.