First, the new board has not ducked this issue. It has just now been brought to our attention by Ekidokai and we will deal with it. I have a specific plan in mind and that involves starting at the top, not with the underlings. It is not helpful for ANYBODY to suggest that this site "represents nothing." GCM is an incorporated entity that can, in fact, represent its members in issues of this sort. This is exactly what I stated when I was asked why I wanted to be on the Board. Give us a chance Mike and I'm guessing we can make some headway with the State and the Nature Conservancy. If you want to help, you would be welcome. If all you want to do is dump on this organization and suggest we're not capable of dealing with an issue like this, then please take it elsewhere. And my last thought, don't suggest for a second that my professional training and chosen career makes me "manipulate and twist" things. I'll stand on my track record, don't apologize for being an attorney and think I can help address these access issues, especially with the help of the current board and any others that want to help and not just criticize.