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Thread: GPSMAP 60 CS and GPSMAP 60 C

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave1976
    Yah I know what your saying. When Mainaic1957 said he loved the autorouting on his 60cs I told him he was crazy and that It didn't auto route. I thought that mine was broke at that point because my 60c won't autoroute. I have topo usa for mine and topo does not autoroute. It shows the feature on the gps but it doesn't not work right. Anywhere you are it will just send you to the interstate no matter where you want to go. So it's all about the software. So if you want autorouting topo usa is not for you. If you want elevation more that auto routing such as I than topo is awesome.

    Good Luck
    LOL! Mainiac1957 was the one that showed me how to set up autorouting on the 60c as well!

    Either Street Atlas of Topo USA is great for the computer, but it doesn't do much for the GPS. I also have Street Atlas Handheld for the PDA, but it is so inferior to the mapping capability of the GPSMap 60c-series, that I don't even use it any more.

    Th only trouble with the autorouting is that it will get you to the closest point to the cache, which may not be the best place to approach it.
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