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Thread: Old Town Egret Kayak 16' 7" - $350

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    Default Old Town Egret Kayak 16' 7" - $350

    The Old Town Egret is a stable boat for the recreational paddler, yet paddles easily with its long hull. Jim, former manager of the OTC Outlet, shared with me that OT should have never stopped making this kayak because it was the best they ever made. The entry is large enough for a good sized person but not so large that you take on water when a boat goes by or you get into whitecaps or ocean waves, or even paddle drips on windy days. I've had this boat in rivers, up to class 2 whitewater, streams, lakes, ponds and in ocean bays and it handles all with ease. I am confident enough in its stablity to pull out my most expensive camera equipement and photograph while on the water. It also as a paddle holder on the side that holds your paddle against the boat, keeping the blades from accidently catching the water while you are doing photos, and thus flipping you and your camera out of the boat! It's got scratches, it has a dent where it was tied a little too securely to the roof rack, and is missing the "gret" on the Egret decal. Thats because you will have no "Re-grets" if you purchase this boat. I have had the boat since brand new. This boat is around 8-9 years old, and was the second run, so it has the more adjustable, comfy seat, and the cooler hatch cover. You can carry enough gear in the boat to do weekend kayak camping. This boat does not have a sealed rear hatch, but that is easy enough to do with some foam or insulation from OTC and some house caulk and glue. Google it and check out the reviews. $350.00 To see more pics:

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