I just got around to installing and trying out GSAK 8 beta this morning, it has several new features, many of which utilize GSAK's acess to gc.com's API. Downloading and loading PQs from inside of GSAK is a biggie.

8.0.0 Beta August, 2011


New Geocaching.com api support
Get Geocaches
Refresh cache data
Download pocket queries
Get logs
Status check
Favorite points
Update user information
Publish logs
Add to bookmark list
Added support for custom data
New Custom filter tab
New section in HTML output
New section in Database=>Global replace
Add/Edit custom data
Configure custom data fields
New options in move/copy dialog
New fields section in grid display
Added gc.com log date correction
Added GSAK sqlite manager
Added special tag %custom_xxxxx
Added new special tag %caches_xxxxxxxx
Added option to tool bar menu to configure the tool bar color
Added proxy server support (more info)
Added support for cache and log images (currently only populated when the Groundspeak api is used to fetch caches)
Added support for favorite points,Premium caches, Gc.com notes, Cache Guid (currently only populated when the Groundspeak api is used to fetch caches)
Added new cache types - Lost and found event, Groundspeak HQ, Lost and found celebration (currently only populated when the Groundspeak api is used to fetch caches)
New HTML standard layout with custom configuration
Updated most controls to give GSAK a more current look and feel
API and GPX load now round coordinates to 6 decimal places
New program Update alert
Automatic download and update of new versions

Macro related:

Added Html support for Buttons, labels, check boxes, and radio buttons (more info)
Added "Alignment" property to macro button control (more info)
Added system variable $_GcCorrect (more info)
Added support for the system variables $_AppData and $_ExePath in all form data
Added new CheckGroup form control
Added macro support to api calls (more info)
Added macro function GcFavPoints(more info)
Added command XmlToSqlite
Added CustomFormat() macro function
New macro form control CheckGroup
Added function CustomConfig()
Added function CustomGet()
Added function CsvGet()
Added Repeat/Util loop support
Added sqlite function g_LatLonFormat()
Added Delim=*csv* option to sqlite() function
Auto add of vertical scroll bar for Macro forms greater than screen height
Added macro support for GUI Groundspeak api options
GcFavPoints - Favorite points support
GcGetCaches - Grab geocaches
GcGetLogs - Grab logs
GcGetNewToken - Get a new api token
GcGetPQ - Download and optionally load PQs
GcRefresh - Refresh cache data to most current
GcStatusCheck - Update cache status
GcUpdateUserInfo - Update user information