So with GSAK 8 and API access, We can now get our regularly scheduled PQs and/or we can opt to directly load caches through the API, up to 2000 per hour / 6000 per day.

At the NH block party event I was talking with Rich of Glonch's Pride who does the GSAK 101 classes and he was pondering how this new feature will change the way cachers use GSAK, so that he could adjust his classes accordingly.

The first instinct seems to be that there is less need to download PQs, as all you need to do is load the caches you need just before heading out.

But for me, I am thinking the opposite. I value my full PQ database even more, and feel more free to perhaps create databases of NH, VT, and maybe MA as well, and use my API access to update the caches I want to do just before heading out. For example, I've use API access a lot in the past few days to get favorite points for caches already in my database.

Is anyone else using he beta using it differently because of these new features?