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Thread: Transferring Caches to Nuvi

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    Default Transferring Caches to Nuvi

    I have a Nuvi 255W. I was able to transfer caches to this unit until I got a new computer, and now (obviously, since I'm posting this) I can't. The major problem that I see is that the macro which prepares a .GPX file for POILoader is creating a file for POILoader 2.5.2. The only version available from Garmin is version 2.6.

    Does anyone know how to get caches onto a Nuvi?
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    The best advice I can give at the moment is to uninstall version 2.6 and install version 2.5.2. Pilotsnipes has the old version on his web site along with other instructions. Down the page just a short ways you will see a link to it under the What do I need to begin? section.

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