Myself with a few other local new England cachers are off to Seattle for Groundspeak's Block Party. This is to kick off the first annual "International Geocaching Day". I guess they plan to have this event every year. Not sure if it will be there or moving around, but I suspect it will stay in Fremont.

Also we will be attending an event to bring attention to the replacement tribute to the stolen APE cache in the Cascade Mountains. Glad I was able to get the real one last year before it disappeared. While it's not the special icon anymore, the tunnel has been reopened making it worth the while to go.

The other fun plan is to hunt the western most cache in the continental US. It is way, WAY out on the Olympic peninsula. We plan to do this all day drive tomorrow. Hoping for clear sunny weather (well I can hope, right). I will try and post some pictures here or at least on my Facebook page. I'll keep you all posted as to how I make out.