Date has been set! September 17th and 18th at Trafton Lake in Limestone, ME. There will be a BBQ that night and you can tent out/camp there. There is hookups there as well. Please let us know if you are going in advance. We will try and supply the cups, forks, plates, etc and hopefully we can all chip up (I will go to the store if you want) and get some Hamburgers, Hotdogs, chips, soda, beer, whatever you prefer. Arrive anytime Early afternoon Saturday is fine. I will stay up there as well and do some caches on Sunday, even if I already done them! Hope you all have a great trip up to Aroostook!

Trafton Lake is located in Limestone, ME. About 10 miles from Caribou, 22 from Presque Isle. To get here (better directions when the date gets closer)

From you from the South (Which is what, 98%) Take 1-95 all the way to Houlton, Maine. The last exit in Maine... Yes, its the end of the world folks.
Then take a Left on Rt 1, follow this all the way to Caribou which is appx 55 miles. Then you wil take a right onto RT 89 (limestone road) about 10 miles where you will take a right down the road (I can't remember the exact name of the road, but down that road follow it for about 2.5 miles and the lake is a left turn, on the right hand side.

Hope to see alot of you there. Feel free to email me or post, I will check daily. and I will keep this posted for events/anything changes, what to bring please (etc, etc) I planned it two months in advance (lets hope its not snowing up in the county by so mark it down! Carpool!

My contact info:
Jordan Cyr
Caribou, ME 04736