I got a DNF on Halfmile and I know there are a few people interested who would rather not do it alone so it has prompted me to start this discussion again for this year.

Last year we did my Halfmile (Multi)(Regular) (GCH21C) by brdad (3/3.5) cache as well as my A mile from a halfmile (Traditional)(Regular) (GC8D2A) by brdad (1.5/2.5)
at the same time.

This will take a good chunk of the day. Halfmile is typically 3 hours round trip not counting lunch or lounging about enjoying the day. A mile from a halfmile will take less time, an hour or a bit more - if we can drive all the way to the parking area. Otherwise it will be an extra mile each way on relatively easy but brushy terrain. There is a beaver dam to cross. I've always had good luck with waterproof sneakers and a tree branch. If you have a hiking stick, you will be glad you brought it.

Any vehicle with decent ground clearance can make it to the parking of Halfmile. The road into A mile from a halfmile is lately full of brush and alders that have to be driven over. So far I have had no problem getting to either parking area with my stock Dakota.

If needed a few people can ride in the back of my truck for the tougher part of the trek. Perhaps someone else will have a capable vehicle and can take a few more depending on how many want to go.

Bring water and more water and a snack or lunch!

So right now I'd like to see who would like to go and what days work for them. I imagine most will have to have a weekend and that is ok. I can't do the weekend of the Eustis event (Sept. 24th -25th). At the moment I think this coming weekend and all weekends in October are free for me.

So who's up for it and when?