Recently a friend invited me for a power caching adventure on the Stud Mill Road, but he asked me to figure out the logistics of the run for him. In doing some research, I find that there is only about 160 caches on the run these days. I have compared this with former finder's maps and numbers and I think the run has shrunk.

Now I know many are not into power runs but they have become popular as a way to beat you up and completely exhaust you by the end of the day, signing logs and driving. LOL It also seems places get put on the map because of their power runs (ie. Nevada, Delaware, So Cal). Bangor area was like this, however, I just don't hear about it anymore until my friend mentioned it. At 160 caches spread out of 75 miles, I think I know why it's no longer a popular destination. Because of this, I suggested hitting the Montpelier, St Johnsbury, Bradford, Vermont triangle. 150 cache power trail in much less miles.

First off, am I crazy or has it really shrunk in size?
Any reason for that?
If it has, are there any plans for revitalizing the trail and adding caches in the near future and regaining that popular caching destination designation?