Bermuda Geocaching Cruise Adventure
by davetecsgirl » Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:16 am

I have been visiting Bermuda for over 2 years and I am now moving to Bermuda in October. I have worked hard on putting out some great caches on the Island and I am so excited about my new adventure so I thought I would share it with all the cachers I can. So I have been working with a Cruise Planner, Denise Canavan to put together a very dynamic Geocaching Adventure Cruise to Bermuda. For all the details you can go to her website “”. On the top of the page you will see a tab for Groups. Click to enter. You will see an area to click onto to see more information on the cruise and the trip itself. There is also a registration tab if you decide to join us. Complete that info and Denise will contact you to discuss prior to submitting your credit card information to the Cruise Line.

Some of the highlights we are working on are:
o Welcome aboard Cocktail Party for all Geocachers
o Hoping to get two top Geocacher’s in the world te join us to share some of their adventures gathering thousands of geocaches
o Seminars on Beginner and Advanced Geocaching
o Expert on GPS and smart phone technology
o Letterboxing on board the ship for your cruising pleasure
o Geocaching Flash Mob in King’s Wharf (if you choose to join us)
o Shore excursions in Bermuda to get to the 100+ geocaches (how many can you get in 2 days?)
o Catamaran trip to the Aqua Caches either with Scuba or Snorkel
o Farewell Geocaching Cocktail Party to share Bermuda Adventures with new found friends
If there is any other information you need prior to registering, please feel free to call me.
Have a wonderful day!

Royal Caribbean Explorer
of the Seas
April 21 - 26, 2012
5 Nights
Bayonne, NJ - King’s Wharf
Bayonne, NJ
Prices as low as $619pp*
double occupancy
*Taxes and fees not included
Space is limited - book early!

Don’t forget to call Denise and reserve your room today!!!

Happy Caching all!!!!!!!!

603-459-8238 (office)
603-321-0358 (cell)