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Thread: Becket reaches 200th find!

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    Thumbs up Way to go!

    Good job Becke, You are an inspiration for us all.
    Happy Trails!

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    Default You go BECK!!!!!!!!!

    Well at least I had the fun to do two or three with you , so far that is.. Congrats on all the fun and memories and all the great caches you have placed. Keep it up....

    NOREASTA From the Rolling hills of Knox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cameoooooo
    Congratulations to our Deer Isle/Stonington friend, Becket, as she reached Milestone #200 today. She's been a member for one year and 5 days...that's an awesome record!

    Hope to see you tomorrow at the Pic A Nic!
    Wow! What a feat. I am sure you have many tales to go along with all those caches. Congratulations. Covefarm

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