I had the flu a couple weeks ago and took two days off. Because I was up to date on all my other shows on Netflix I ended up diving in to Survivor Man, Dual Survivors, and some Man vs. Wild episodes I hadn't watched. While I know a lot of it is staged, I figured it would be fun to go out and make some sort of survival shelter type structure using what is out there just to see how long it would last. While its a bit too chilly at this point to do it along were I usually kayak (and the beavers would tear it apart to get materials for their own dam), I was thinking I'd do it in one of the city's woodsy parks (Brown Woods, Prentice Woods, etc). I've looked around a bit but couldn't find anything that says its not allowed. If you are just using downed trees and what you find on the ground, anyone think this would cause problems?