Hello Geocachers!!

My name is tirmite (Kevin) and my family is planning on atrip to the New England States, with Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire in mind.We live in Virginia and have two young cachers ages 6 & 9 and are lookingto do some caching and site seeing in your state(s). Laughing Terry recommendedthat I join the Maine Geogroup to get some travel tips for caching and touring.I could not think of a better group to ask for such. We are looking to spend 1-2weeks between the states, and do some outdoor activities and site seeing thatcachers from Maine have enjoyed and would recommend, that we donít have here inVirginia. I have requested a travel guide from your state and it was limited onthings of our interest. Does anyone have any recommendations for sites, cabins,and such?

Thank you, Tirmite