After useing C:GEO this past week and being a couple of hundred feet from every geocache. Found that the coordnates are not the same ones listed in some off on the lat some on the long. axis and not the same distance (up to 200 ft.). I was lucky enough to have done a couple of geocaches in Mass that the hints helped me find at least two. I still need a free app and after a little research it sounds like GEOBEAGLE might be better. has anyone tried it and do they know if it is any better than C:GEO at at least giving you the same coordates for the GPSr as geocaching .com. my [phone was dead on with my garmin as far as taking me to the same location. but I was putting in the Coordates from C:GEO so they were both taking me to the wrong location. (OK I now know that in this situation I need to go to ground Zero and start searching in a circle 250 ft in each direction, but a couple of weeks ago at Ft. Point state park that starting point was 84 meters out in the middle of the river/bay.)