First of all, its been a year since my Uncle passed away in 2010. I want to say thank you for all the support that members gave me during that difficult time. I also want to remind you that the last thing he heard, before he passed, was the message from one of the groups members asking me to tell him that Me Geocachers thanked him for his service. My cousin whispered in his ear that she had a message from his favorite neice, Sue, and her Geocacher friends wanted him to know that they really appreciated all he did for the country and thanked him for his service. He smiled and let go!
You may remember that he never got to return to HI in non war times and always regretted that, so thats where the coin's mission state says to direct it. Instead, my parrot Syd's TB, which is supposed to be going to Brazil, has been in HI for 2 months and my Unc got stuck in a swamp in NJ (strangely enough, right near where he lived for years!) for the past 4 months. I contacted just last night, and also my 'god son' who lives in NJ. He was going to go right out there (and I don't think he even owns a gps, but he met my Uncle!) and find that cache and coin! But immediately, one local cacher volunteered and another cacher, with only 5 previous finds went out and got it already!!!!! Its good to have Unc accounted for and back on his mission. I really miss him and think of hime often, but also think of you guys and the support you gave and that your message seemed to be what allowed him to let go. TY and Happy New Year. Dufzor (Sue)