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Chad banned? Why am I not surprised. I think that you do have to speak your mind if you think someone is not being objective when they are in a position of "authority" like a publisher. There is always an element of favoritism sometimes. I have been banned from sites for ASKING too many questions about certain people, ( those that remember my involvement with sledmaine.com remember this). But as Maniac stated: Is it worth it to be the antagonist? In the end did you win your fight? Just enjoy geocaching and leave the politics to the hacks in DC/Augusta.

I agree to certain extent. I think there's a difference between asking honest questions and being inflammatory just to get a rise out of people. I've never met the guy, but I have read a lot of his comments on here before I got tired of the girl drama and blocked them. One of the nice parts of current geocaching is the plethora of caches out there. I can go out, have fun, find hides and support cachers that I think are in it for the love of the game and outdoors. I work in a high school, thank goodness I don't have to cache with a freshman mentality.

By the way, I still feel terrible for being the last person to drop of some of your coins that disappeared a few years ago. Maybe Karma has caught up and I've written them a ticket.