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Thread: Caching in January at zero degrees

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    Default Caching in January at zero degrees

    Had to write to tell every one that I did not find one tick today.

    It was much easier looking due to the lack of hair. I didn't know bug spray was so flammable. Which was OK because I needed to dry my clothes off anyway. They were starting to get stiff in the cold even though I was standing by the fire. I hope my friend doesn't get too mad about the crash but he should have told me the brakes would not work after hitting a rock. I was Lucky the bear could not steer around the rock after chasing me through the stream. It was a good thing he could not get out the passenger side window after going through the driver side one. I should have just let him have the dead turkey that I rolled over after falling off the cliff going after a 1/1 cache.
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    We took a nice walk at -2 to a cache only to DNF it. But the cache owner replaced it within a few hours after our log, so we're going to go back, hopefully today. Now that is what you call great cache maintenance!

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