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    Kayak Kache event 2005 by Blazing Trolls [profile]

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    A day of kayaking fun and camping.

    Update: 16 July 2005

    Some of us will be meeting at Wal-Mart in Augusta on the morning of the 20th at 7 am and then driving to the campground on Deer Isle. So those that want to meet us at Wal-Mart please let us know ahead of time so that we know who to look for and wait for.

    Origanl post: 13 July 2005

    This caching event will be for those of us that want to use our GPS skills on open water. We are not going to leave the site of land at any time. We have a spot reserved at Old Quarry Campground on Deer Isle in Maine. We will be heading out on Saturday morning in kayaks to hit the local caches that are accessible by water. It looks like there are at least five we can get to. This will be a training exercise for those that have never used there GPS’s on the water. We have someone coming with us that is experienced in this.

    We have site number #1 reserved for us. It was the only site open for this weekend event. It can hold four or five tents and there is overflow space available if we get more then 5 tents. The overflow is not right at site #1 but we can use site number #1 for a meeting spot. We have been told that they always have room for overflow tenting. So it should not be a problem. If you do not want to spend the night at the campground then you can still join us without spending the night. You are more then welcome.

    If you are planning on coming and spending the night please post so I can keep the campground informed of how many tents will be there and how much overflow we will need.

    We have a small grill and everyone can bring their own food to cook.

    Like I said our goal is to kayak and use or GPS on the water and for those that have done this before you can share your experiences and teach some skills and tricks to us new people. Then at the end of the day we can sit around and cook dinner and reflect on the day and share stories and pass on ideas and information.

    Goals for this event include:

    1. Sharing and showing others how to use a GPS.
    2. Passing on helpful information for finding caches.
    3. Exchanging travel bus to move along.
    And anything else that may come up.

    Things to bring:

    1. You and anyone interested in attending.
    2. The food that you want to eat.
    3. Chairs to sit in.
    4. A good attitude.
    5. Tent and sleeping gear if you plan on spending the night.
    6. If you have an extra grill it might help.
    7. Bathing suit, just in case.
    8. Travel bugs to pass along.
    9. Kayak or canoe if you wish.

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