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Thread: Kayak kache event 2005

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    Thanks Rick and Donna for a memorable event. This is a kayaker's playground. I can't wait to get back up again.

    Becke, thanks for putting out all those great caches. I left plenty so I have a good reason to come back!!

    It's been over 20 years since I got a chance to do a few runs on Blue Hill Reversing Falls. On the first run, I demonstrated how not to take a 19 foot boat through rapids! I hope Haffy and Mainiac got pictures!!

    Thanks again to everybody, it was fun to go out with such a great group of friends, new and old!

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    Sounds like a great time. We are sorry to have missed it but had an obligation that couldn't be shifted. Hopefully this fall we'll make a long weekend and get up to do the land caches. Thanks for sharing the experience with your posts. And did anyone get a photo of the 19' kayak in the falls?

    TwoMaineiacs / Anne and Joe

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    Yes I did just go back to the photo gallery and its right after my photo of the Kampfire.
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