I was snowshoeing Peaks-Kenny State Park this weekend and noticed that there is no Geocaches hidden in the park. I remember a thread ( not able to find it to update my memory) talking about getting permission to place Caches in State Parks. I know several people were looking to talk to the State folks about getting a set policy, has this happened and if so what is it? if not is it a matter of talking to each park Ranger or manager on a park by park basis? and can anyone who has Caches hidden in State Parks give any advice on what the Rangers/managers of the parks they are in had issues with. I have noticed most are very easy finds in areas that while not on the main path's/trails they are where very little damage can be done to the local fauna. i.e. huge white containers that stand out, ammo cans just sitting out in the open on tree limb's and such. I camp at Peaks-Kenny a couple of times each year and would like to place a cache or two in the park if it will be allowed, however if anyone is in the middle of setting up a state policy I would like to wait and see the policy the State comes up with first.