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    Default Hide, Bike Ride, Volunteer, Meet and Greet June 3, 2012 GC3CZFD

    Hide a geocache along the bike routes, bicycle on a team with Mama Reed2ME, be a volunteer or meet and greet to celebrate a day that celebrates women and bicycling!

    Mama has registered as a cyclist for the 11th Annual Women's Ride in Freeport June 3, 2012. Mama was a distance cyclist for five years before meeting Dad but has been off her bike for about seven years and needs your help! Mama is registered to ride the 50 mile loop, 7:30am-2:00pm but may stay on the 25 mile loop if her time isn't fast enough to finish 50 miles by 2:00. Here's where geocaching comes in: Go to the ride's website, to see the Route Map and Cue Sheet for the 25 and 50 mile loops, hide geocaches along the routes for Mama to find. Mama will be training on the routes as the date gets closer. This is an event cache that can be claimed by Mama finding one of your geocaches, either while training or during the ride (leave a note at GC3CZFD with the GC listing), by riding with Mama as part of a team (at your own pace on the route you choose for bicycling 5, 15, 25 or 50 miles), by volunteering at the Women's Ride or by stopping by for an after ride meet and greet at Gritty's. "Who can come to the party at Gritty’s? All participants and volunteers are invited to the party at Gritty’s Freeport following the morning’s rides. Families and friends of the participants are welcome to join the participants at Gritty’s Freeport; however only the participants and volunteers are welcome in the tented area sponsored by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine." Get involved! Join Mama on her training rides! Dust off your bike or get out there as a volunteer. Leave a note here to join in the fun! See the website for more information. If you are coming from away, book your lodging early. Watch and GC3CZFD for training ride dates starting in April. Wednesday night rides will be with the Merrymeeting Wheelers Bicycle Club, Brunswick, ME, from their 2012 weekday schedule.
    Additional Hints Ride held at L.L. Bean’s Casco Conference Center, Casco Street, Freeport, ME. See website for directions. Coordinates for Meet and Greet at Gritty's. Look for Dad and Chris in their Reed2ME team T-Shirts.
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