Having been a slacker for a while, what are peoples thoughts on Travel Bugs vs Coins. While at the WWWWWWWWWW8 last weekend we picked up two beautiful coins to send along. I plan on dropping them off in Portland next week. Are TB's still a good idea? Of all the ones I've sent out since 2008, only one is active and it's in Sardinia, Italy and has bounced around Europe for a while, which is cool. I still get a thrill out of watching a TB travel around, but I wonder if that time has passed. The coins are beautiful, so I just automatically assume someone while steal them. Guess I'm a cynic. Also, does anyone know how to delete a TB from their profile on GC.com? I've labeled a bunch as "Unknown Location", but they still mess up my profile site. After a few years, I'm sure they are geo-junk and I'd like to drop them off my page completely.