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Thread: Changes to Challenge Cache Guidelines

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    I guess they figure there is not enough of those to worry about. I have seen several however.

    I am glad they didn't grandfather locationless and they they removed them all from the site.
    I am glad they did grandfather virtuals so the existing ones could stay. I wish they just still allowed new ones!

    I totally dislike that on one of my caches they grandfathered virtual stages of a multi as being able to be treated as a physical stages and then turned around and went back on their word and took it away from me. But I guess some days ya just gotta go with the flow. In the end I guess they are doing what makes sense to them, even if we would do it differently.

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    I guess I wish whenever someone brought a cache to their attention that should be a mystery or a multi-stage, they would go and contact cache owner and offer to change it to the proper type. I encounter these more often than you'd think, mainly because my caching trips take me out of the usual caching areas that we all know so well here in Maine.

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    I just activated my own Whereigo and it got published this morning. It's in Portland and called Here U Go, Whereigo!

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    thanks for the explanation and links.

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