So, I am going to paste my log from a cache here which Marcipanek and I ran to try to get FTF on yesterday. I am santizing the log so no cords, or identifying info about cache is in it. What I would like to know is, how do you guys all check your cords when placing a cache? This is a bit of a rhetorical question. I am not asking because I myself need help doing so. But I would like to know from everyone else, whether you even look at the placement cords in Google Earth or another application before publishing? Even looking at them on the cache listing? So... here it goes, and I am sure I am going to get some mean comments regarding my log:

"Not-so-quick find with Marcipanek at 1:00 PM. STF (Second to find) behind XXXXXX.... congrats on your find! I am sure you had as much difficulty as we did on this cache. Good job over coming the hurdles and obstacles of bad cords.

Our caching day started out very early leaving Saco, ME at 4:00 AM to run for an unfound cache which was published yesterday in Weld, ME at Mt. Blue State Park. We got the First to Find on it at 6:30 AM and then cached our way to the Pancake Cache Event in Livermore. After eating, we left and started home... when we decided, XXXXXXXX Cache was still unfound. We have been running for distant unfound caches recently a lot including one 250 miles north of us earlier in the week, with very good results. So we rerouted 60 miles out of our way from Livermore, through Winthrop and Augusta to try to snag this one.

Upon arriving at parking cords, it looked as if cache was easier to just bushwhack to. This was a first to find run wasn't it? Gotta be quick. The straight line route amounted to nothing. Why? Because the posted cords put us 60 feet out into the lake! We couldn't find cache in anything nearby that matched the cache description and cords and hint. So we decided to work our way up the hill though the forest on wet leaves and over some small streams in an attempt to find the marked trail. We found it and then started looking all along the trail for anything that matched the description. Finally just as we were about to give up and follow trail back to parking, we spotted obvious cache location.... which was a whopping .18 (that is POINT one eight) mile away from the posted cords. That is about 1,000 feet! A significant distance Funny thing is, even the cache description (which WAS worded in a wonderful rhyming verse) didn't even match where we found the cache. Description discusses cache being where their dog (XXXXXX I assume) likes to swim. Never knew a dog who liked to swim in leaves and rocks. Description makes you think cache is near the lake or a LARGE stream which a dog could swim in. Cache is not. PLUS cache is so far from posted cords.....

When we went to sign log we discovered that we were (as it turned out later when XXXXXXX logged my Serious Jeep Travel Bug tag on the back of my Jeep from the parking lot) beaten to the cache. Oh well. We gambled and lost. Maybe if the cords had been good we would have had a fighting chance though....

But it get's even better, from seeing XXXXXXXX's log.... there wasn't even a log book in the cache when they found it! You've got to be kidding me! They had to place one in the cache for cache owner. Wow....

Anyhow, I'd advise that cache owner disable cache ASAP and submit new cords to MainePublisher for review. The cords I have provided were averaged on my Delorme PN-60w with an accuracy of 8ft , for 250 readings. Please do this soon before other helpless cachers (who may not be as nimble and resourceful as XXXXXXX, Marcipanek and myself) attempt this cache and have SERIOUS issues. Thanks in advance for taking care of this

Proper cords:

N 44.
W 069.

I have included several photos of the beautiful area this trail is located on. Would love to come back and backpack and climb here sometime in the future. Also have included photos showing the distance from listed cords to actual cache.

Took the TB that was in cache and logged it. Will move it along quickly.